PROGRESSION SHOTS - see how a painting begins and ends!
click on any image for larger view

sketch out your design with pencil
and fog it in with some black

tape off your black areas with 1/4" tape. pull your tape slightly to make curves lay flat on canvas.

follow your 1/4" tape with 1/2" tape to give you width to tape off the rest.

mask off the everything but the black areas.

spray your black evenly, let dry. spray again to build up black strong.

play with your pet until it gets tired to let the black dry long enough! with createx airbrush paints about 1/2 hour.

weed off the tape carefully to expose the canvas.

build your colors and contour the face.

freehand your highlights.

work more colors and details as you see fit. I signed the painting now since I had the pink for hair and knew I would not need it again later.

hightlight the hair and details with white. I took opaque black and reduced the overspray areas just on the black....

play with your pet again to let canvas dry. lightly tape off your contour lines. repeat your 1/4" to 1/2" technique.

spray with iron oxide brown. you will get overspray if you don't tape off everything. take tape off as soon as possible and don't let tape stay on canvas for any length of time

weed off your tape carefully.
so scary cause if you press too hard it will lift off some paint. pressing too light will bleed the spray underneath. very exciting to expose the painting after tape weeding.

finalize with transparent black underneath the contour lines and hair to make them appear to float! Sign it and your done!